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Margus Hunt

Professional football player in the National Football League

Margus Hunt, of the Cincinnati Bengals Football Team, is an Estonian-born professional football player in the National Football League. As a teen, Margus excelled in track and field events, including shotput and discus, winning gold in both at the World Junior Championships in 2006. A year later, Margus made the decision to leave his native Estonia and relocate to Dallas, Texas, to train at SMU. Under the guidance of renowned throwing coach Dave Wollman. He had a theory that Margus’ tremendous array of athletic skills could potentially translate onto the football field, and so he asked Margus to try out for the SMU Mustangs. This was the first time that Margus would step onto a football field, though it wouldn’t be the last. He quickly distinguished himself as a rising star, receiving a full academic scholarship, and earning a nod as MVP at the Hawaii Bowl in 2012. The following year, Margus was drafted in the second round by the Bengals.


Margus’ story is one that parallels our own – Rehband also comes from a strong foundation in power sports, is manufactured in Estonia, and has now made the leap onto the big stage of American Professional Sports.

Hometown: Karksi-Nuia, Estonia
Year of birth: 1987
Weight: 275 lbs
Height: 6'8"

”Rehband is manufactured in Estonia and is starting to get into the athletic community more now so it’s a great opportunity to be a part of it”

Margus Hunt

Margus Hunt

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