Wrist supports are efficient both by providing warmth and stability to your wrist but also to protect it from friction and hits. By increasing the blood circulation a wrist support will give you a better mobility, ease of pain and prevent injuries and inflammation. Our comfortable wrist supports comes with a patented design and can be worn throughout the day.

5 produktresultat(er)

  • 7910

    Basic Wrist Support

    En lett og varmende håndleddstøtte.

    kr 199,50 (per enhet)
  • 7080

    Blue Line Wrist support

    Tilbyr kraftig stabilisering og støtte, slik at du trygt kan maksimere tunge løft.

    kr 349,50 (per enhet)
  • 7793

    Power Line Wrist Support

    Støtter og stabiliserer håndleddet.

    kr 349,50 (per enhet)
  • 101306-01

    Rx Wrist Support (Pair)

    This 5mm wrist sleeve provides support and warmth to the wrist joints during your ...

    kr 199,50 (per enhet)
    Svart Rosa
  • 7710

    Wrist Support

    Gir varme og stabil støtte for håndleddet og underarmen.

    kr 299,50 (per enhet)