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QD pronation/Supination Wedge
kr 249,50 (per par)

QD pronation/Supination Wedge

kr 249,50 (per par)

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The QD Pronation/Supination Wedge was developed as high durability insole that compensates for pronation or supination. This Rehband product is made with Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption an outstanding durability. This groundbreaking soft and breathable gel provides excellent comfort. Rehband offers support to the outer or inner edge of the foot with this product. Self-adhesive for fixation in the shoe.

Function & benefits:
• Relieve pain in the foot, knee and back that are related to pronation or supination of the foot.
• Neutralizes the biomechanical changes in the foot, limbs and back that are associated with a pronated or supinated foot stance.
• When the product is placed on the medial side in the shoe to correct pronation, on lateral side supination.

Plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy and patellofemoral pain syndrome
• Over-exertion and soft tissue overload in foot, lower leg and knee
• Pain, inflammation, wear and tear injuries

Key Details:
• Sold as a pair
• Self-adhesive for fixation in the shoe or boot
• Use the product in flat shoes and in pairs to avoid pains or leg length discrepancy complications
• Recommended to wear socks
• Polyurethane, Polyester
• Hand wash cold. Use water or washing liquid to reactivate adhesiveness. No washing powder
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QD pronation/Supination Wedge Funksjonalitet

Hovedfunksjonene til Rehbrands støtter er varme, kompresjon og styrking reseptiv tilføring. Dette sørger for en unik komposisjon som forhindrer skader, forbedrer yteevnen og letter restitusjon etter skade. Hvert produkt lar deg erfare forskjellige resultater.
  • Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention is central to living an active life. Injury prevention and activity should go hand-in-hand. Prevention not only includes wearing the right type of preventative gear suited for an active lifestyle, but may also include recovery in-between sets, warm-up and warm-down, stretching, staggering of frequency and dose of exercise, healthy eating, etc.

    Physical activity could very well be our cheapest remedy. Unsurprisingly, a vast amount of research shows that a high rate of physical activity improves the overall health and well-being of populations. In connection to activity, more or less severe injuries may occur, injuries which are often related to overuse. To prevent the probability of any injury occurring, but also to speed-up recovery if it happens, protective supports are of value. Preventative equipment is made for a reason, to prevent initial and recurring injuries. Rehband products are designed to reduce swelling, to protect the user from friction and hits, and to simultaneously provide increased stability and support to joints and muscles.

  • Rehabilitation



    Rehabilitation can be described as the process of recovering from an injury, illness or surgery to regain strength or relearn skills. Injury treatment is important in order to reach the level one was at before the injury occurred. This does not mean staying still long enough for an injury to heal, on the contrary, the faster one gets back to exercising after an injury, the faster the recovery process is.

    Rehband supports are designed to support existing injuries, and also to prevent injuries and re-injuries. They help the user in getting back to an active life faster. The functional characteristics of Rehband products relieve pain and discomfort caused by injuries, meaning that a user can keep exercising in his or her sport and aim at returning to the desired level. The combination of compression, warmth and receptive input found in Rehband supports will assist the user to heal and recover strength and can expedite the journey back to prior performance level.

  • Stability



    Stability can be defined as the ability to utilize the body’s structures in the safest, most efficient positional relationships for the functional demands imposed on them. This is achieved by coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. Along with mobility, posture, body awareness and balance, stability provides the foundation for quality movements.

    Take the knee for example, in order to move your knee back and forth without pain or problems, stability is required to counteract sideways movements, which reduces the risk for joint injuries. The functions of compression and receptive input in Rehband supports help activate the muscles which increase stability in the joints, without compromising flexibility. In addition, they provide greater relief to the user by making these small adjustments.