• Topp kvalitet siden 1955
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Rx Original Knee Sleeve
€ 34,95 (1 st.)

Rx Original Knee Sleeve

€ 34,95 (1 st.)

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RX Original Knee Sleeve er en tett og tykk knestøtte som gir kneleddet kraftig kompresjon, solid stabilisering samt varme. Kvalitetstesting har bevist at vårt 2-panels-design lindrer trykk og forbedrer koordinasjonen. Fordeler inkluderer forebygging av kneproblemer som forstrekninger, belastningsskader og opphovning.

Støttens design retter seg mot muskelenergi rundt kneregionen, for kontrollert kraft og akselerasjon, etterfulgt av støtte til kroppen når man er på vei tilbake i oppreist posisjon. Denne 7 mm knestøtten er ideell til statisk tung løfting, og regnes for å være et av Rehbands mest støttende produkter.

Viktige detaljer:
• Utmerket til statisk, tung vektløfting
• IPF- og IWF-tillatt for Raw- og Open-konkurranser
• Bidrar til å forhindre skader ved å beskytte ledd og muskler
• Passer høyre eller venstre kne
• Selges enkeltvis

Leddstøtte og stabilitet:
• Konstruert for variert trening, som for eksempel vektløfting og sirkeltrening
• Konstruksjonen gir mulighet for et trygt, optimalt bevegelsesspekter
• Forbedrer muskelkontrollen og koordinasjonen
• Holder seg på plass mens du trener
• Gir en fysisk og mental følelse av trygghet

Fleksibel kompresjon:
• Muliggjør smidighet, og begrenser ikke bevegelsene dine
• Varmer og opprettholder muskeltemperaturen mens du trener
• Reduserer bortkastet muskelenergi
• Fremmer blodstrøm for å redusere betennelse og forbedre restitusjonen
• Minsker belastningen på kneet under høyintensiv trening
• Bidrar til å guide kroppens bevegelser riktig

Forebygger og rehabiliterer:
• Fremre knesmerter og patellofemoralt smertesyndrom
• Forstrekninger og slitasjeskader
• Knesmerter
• Overbelastning av bløtvev

Rehband RX Knee Sleeve 7mm er klassifisert som medisinsk utstyr.
• Laget med 7 mm SBR/Neopren
• Kan maskinvaskes i varmt vann; finmasket vaskepose anbefales

Washing instruction - Rehband Rx Original Knee Sleeve

Rx Original Knee Sleeve Funksjonalitet

Hovedfunksjonene til Rehbrands støtter er varme, kompresjon og styrking reseptiv tilføring. Dette sørger for en unik komposisjon som forhindrer skader, forbedrer yteevnen og letter restitusjon etter skade. Hvert produkt lar deg erfare forskjellige resultater.
  • Body Control

    Body Control

    Body Control

    Receptive input gives the functional ability of enabling greater body control. The combined mental and physical frame keeps the body moving towards strength and controlled movement, instead of injury. For example, the Rehband knee support guides the user’s body in moving correctly without limiting muscle development around the knee. Supports are scientifically proven to help the muscles around the knee to activate in a more precise and coordinated way. This results in better quality of a movement which helps muscle development and improves body control.

    It is a common misconception that using knee sleeves and other protective gear too often can prevent muscles from being activated, or cause a dependence on the product. However, research shows that knee sleeves for example help muscles become stronger because the movements are more controlled and stable. Further, the repetition of these controlled movements with effective support will activate muscle memory, improving the overall quality of movement even when the product is removed. All-together, the compression from Rehband products increase the blood flow and the receptive input in the supported body region, helping an athlete perform more controlled and stable movements.

  • Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention

    Injury prevention is central to living an active life. Injury prevention and activity should go hand-in-hand. Prevention not only includes wearing the right type of preventative gear suited for an active lifestyle, but may also include recovery in-between sets, warm-up and warm-down, stretching, staggering of frequency and dose of exercise, healthy eating, etc.

    Physical activity could very well be our cheapest remedy. Unsurprisingly, a vast amount of research shows that a high rate of physical activity improves the overall health and well-being of populations. In connection to activity, more or less severe injuries may occur, injuries which are often related to overuse. To prevent the probability of any injury occurring, but also to speed-up recovery if it happens, protective supports are of value. Preventative equipment is made for a reason, to prevent initial and recurring injuries. Rehband products are designed to reduce swelling, to protect the user from friction and hits, and to simultaneously provide increased stability and support to joints and muscles.

  • Performance



    Regardless the sport, activity or level - active people strive to reach better performance or to remain at a certain desired level. The combined functions of warmth, compression and strengthened receptive input result in a wide range of benefits such as coordination, improved balance, increased blood circulation. The combined results can increase performance in the chosen activity. The athlete is given the tools to reach new levels, new goals and undertake new challenges.

    Good performance depends on many different factors, such as sleep, diet, level of repetition and mindset. Improved technique, achieved by the improved coordination, balance, feeling of safety and proprioception, which the user receives from Rehband supports, is another factor which might improve performance. Regardless if one wears Rehband supports to to prevent injuries, boost confidence or rehabilitate an injury - the overall performance can be enhanced.

  • Stability



    Stability can be defined as the ability to utilize the body’s structures in the safest, most efficient positional relationships for the functional demands imposed on them. This is achieved by coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system. Along with mobility, posture, body awareness and balance, stability provides the foundation for quality movements.

    Take the knee for example, in order to move your knee back and forth without pain or problems, stability is required to counteract sideways movements, which reduces the risk for joint injuries. The functions of compression and receptive input in Rehband supports help activate the muscles which increase stability in the joints, without compromising flexibility. In addition, they provide greater relief to the user by making these small adjustments.

  • Warm-up



    Warm-up is described as low-intensity work where larger muscle groups are activated with the aim of preparing the body for an activity with high intensity. There is a reason why it is called ‘warm-up’, since it serves to raise body temperature which leads to positive body tissue changes. Increased muscle temperature results in preparedness for a strenuous activity, increases oxygen levels to muscles in use, improves the movement of the joints and minimizes the likelihood of strains. Additionally, warm-ups prepare the athletes psychologically to focus on the upcoming intensive activity, whether it is a competitive game or another endeavour.

    The benefits of Rehband products aid in giving you a faster warm-up and also to retain the temperature gained. Furthermore, the receptive input gained from Rehband products helps the user to become more aware of the body’s motion which results in a more efficient warm-up.