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RX Wrist Sleeves

  • Fitting for a variety of movements, such as: Eg. Snatch, Overhead Squat, Muscle Ups
  • Provides warmth and support to your wrist joints
  • Provides compression
  • Not restricting mobility
  • Protecting wrists from friction and hits
  • Stylish accessory for your workout outfit
This 5mm wrist sleeve provides support and warmth to the wrist joints during your workout without impeding on the agility of movements.
The unique design of the Rehband RX Wrist Support gives even compression to your wrist, keeping your joints warm and brings your wrists the support they need during a workout. In addition to this, the sleeve protects your wrists from friction and hits.
Take your training to the next level with the Rehband Rx Wrist Support!

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Material & Care

SBR/Neoprene 5mm

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